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Smith ABSTRACT Needle clamp for sewing machine, particularly childs sewing machine, with the needle clamp knob located between the parallel needle and presser bars.

The clamp knob is advantageously made of synthetic plastic resin to permit the knob, though of relatively large physical dimensions, to maintain a small reciprocating mass.

D05B 55/02 Field of Search 112/226, 222, 221 References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 10/1894 Wheeler 112/226 3/1929 Lehmann 112/221 X 10/1954 Hansen 112/226 X 4/1955 Ayries 112/226 1/1962 SZuba 112/226 6/1969 Rabinow 112/221 Primary Examiner-Alfred R. 3 Claims, 4 Drawing Figures NEEDLE CLAMP FOR SEWING MACHINE BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION Needle clamps on sewing machine needle bars are generally located laterally projecting to the right in deference to a right-handed operator, or projecting to the front.

The clamp knob 26 is formed with a diameter greater than twice that of the needle bar to insure that it may be readily manipulated (see FIG. Once the needle clamp 25 has been inserted into the needle bar 20, prior to assembly of the presser bar 15 into the head portion 10 of the sewing machine, removal of the clamp can only be accomplished by disassembly of the sewing machine.Needle clamp for sewing machine, particularly child's sewing machine, with the needle clamp knob located between the parallel needle and presser bars. In addition, a location of the needle clamp out of the usual area of operator manipulation is desirable to obviate accidental injury.The clamp knob and screw extend from the needle bar to strike the presser bar when retracted from the sewing needle, thereby preventing loss of the clamp... Also a design which would eliminate the possibility of inadvertently totally unscrewing the needle clamp would be particularly desirable.Richard Wazner was probably born in Poughkeepsie, N. on 3 September 1818; he married Electa Ann Lyon, and they had a daughter and a son.Richard died on 23 March 1900 in New York City, but he was buried in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

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