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Dating can be fun, but going on endless dates wasting your time and money isn't fun.... In Dating With Purpose, Anthony Mc Comb answers the tough questions about dating that have mystified both men and women.

Eventually, he comes to conclude there must be a purpose, a reason for him to be reborn, and until he has figured out that purpose, he’ll keep being reborn, over and over again.

" "I finished this book and wanted to read it all over again.

A funny, enchanting, and utterly believable story of the multiple lives of a most articulate canine, A Dog's Purpose convinced me that there must be reincarnation and that author W. How else could he so poignantly detail life, love, and loyalty from the four-pawed point of view?

What Kay and I do have is a marriage centered on Christ, specifically focused on glorifying God.

We remain committed to each other because we remain committed to Christ and his work within us.

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If you love dogs, or know someone who does, you can’t go wrong with "If Dickens had been a dog, he'd have written this book.

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  1. In “Self-Portrait/Cutting,” which Opie made in 1993, when she was thirty-two years old, she stands shirtless with her back to the camera in front of an emerald-green tapestry, which offsets her pale skin and the rivulets of blood emerging from an image carved into her back with a scalpel: a childlike scene of a house, a cloud, and a pair of smiling, skirt-wearing stick figures.