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It is the most conspicuous of all the occasions and is celebrated in the presence of a fairly large assembly.

In the past the parents and older members of the family arranged almost all marriages.

Rings are exchanged; the engagement rings are simple, mainly gold with no stones.

While the wedding ring presented to the bride will be lavish expensive with precious stones.

Many of these customs are still followed by the more traditional families and in the provinces.

The modern Iranians normally by pass some stages like sending the ring through relatives and outside Iran tabagh and khoncheh are hardly used. Mirror and candelabras are amongst the most important ceremonial objects that are taken to the brides home and they are reminiscence of the Zoroastrian religious believes.

A1one graffitis and street art works are a sort of interesting stuff in Tehran's Urban Space.

A famous local graffiti artist is currently at the centre of controversy about whether his work is art or vandalism, and you can see his early works on the Tehran-Karaj Expressway, on the southern side walls UP in Ekbatan and Apadana districts.

For Iranians marriage is an event, which must be celebrated not quietly but with glory and distinction.The engagement ring is sent to the brides house with female relatives of the groom.A few days before the actual ceremony again more presents are taken to the brides house.An elaborate wedding in Iran presently costs around a hundred thousand dollars.There are efforts by the government to encourage people to simplify the weddings and lower the cost.

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