Dating your wife

You realize there’s more to your relationship that than just being roommates, breadwinners, and babysitters.

Romance is not a temporary tool only meant to bring couples together.

My mother would then cook a special meal for her and my father, which they would eat alone in the dining room.

It was a clear rule that when they had peace and quiet night we were not to disturb them.

It’s About Priorities When all is said and done, what’s the single most important thing in your life? It makes sense then, that you’re filling your life with as much spouse-time as possible.

By dating your spouse, you’re telling him or her that he or she is a priority in your life.

Last week my wife and I went out on a snorkeling trip together.

Working on your career and making money, spending time with friends and family, and working with your school or church are all good things. By dating each other on a regular basis, your marriage will be strengthened.

To save money, I recommend finding another nearby couple with young children and switching off. For couples with many children, finding friends to take them may be difficult. It was usually a meal that was easy for her and fun for us, such as frozen waffles.

They will take care of your children when you and your wife are out on a date, then you and your wife will do the same for them. We were then sent to the family room to watch television for the rest of the evening.

The kids will grow up and (hopefully) leave home, and we will eventually retire from our careers. It’s up to us to make sure we properly care for our marriages.

If we do, it will mean a lifetime of joy with our wives.

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