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"The Righteous" - Jenna Maclaine - A sorceress and a King put events in play to establish a group of vampires to police their own, which is the catalyst to bring a vampire and a woman who stakes them together in Paris."Knowledge of Evil" - Ravent Hart - An ancient vampire with a passion for learning meets a gorgeous professor who shares his thirst for knowledge.Also, I assume the authors and ghostwriters got some kind of heads-up when the imprint was about to fold, because the third (and final) book of : a group of preteen girls innocently dub themselves the Nicarettes), and the dialogue was hilarious. I mean, the series was about fashion, and one of the characters (Janie) was the assigned artist of the fashion label.The whole series was gloriously self-aware, and essentially a parody of life in LA and maybe even the teen books on that subject. Thus: lots of wonderfully-hand-drawn pictures of the clothes described in the books. This is because Rachel Maude has the kind of supreme talent that makes people like me cry with envy. I’ve already mentioned the unresolved plot threads, but…really, it’s worth the double mention because I simply cannot entirely process the fact that I might never learn how the story turns out.Just like The Dude, her fave adult beverage is a White Russian. I it sounds like a platform for the kind of catty fodder of some lame reality show, okay? I mean, they’re not even super awesome BFFs by the end of the first book, or the second.and all the other titles that invariably pop up on 90s nostalgia pieces on Buzzfeed just went on and on? Most of them were acquired if not initially published by Poppy, a (currently sleepy) Hachette imprint dedicated to teen girl fiction. They’re only really just starting to form stronger bonds by the fourth book. The Writing Was Fabulous Like You Wouldn’t Even Believe.

"Vampire Unchained" - Nancy Holder - The Gifted series/world (Hist-PNR).Remember how you made it through puberty before the final titles of those books came out? Then around mid-2010, all of Poppy’s ongoing series just seemed to kind of…fizzle out. So the thing a lot of the Poppy books had in common was that…they weren’t always that well-written. Despite the satirical tone of the books, the four main girls were actually wonderfully likeable and relatable.Sometimes this was because of a blatant disregard for continuity – a character in the first book was established as the plain Jane of the family, only to get described in the second book as basically the new Serena van der Woodsen. Which is great because…does anyone actually relate to the characters in the ’s case, it worked."Viper's Bite" - Delilah Devlin - A solitary vampire and a lonely woman connect but he must steal her memories to keep her safe."Dreams" - Kerri Arthur - Arthur's share dreams and danger.

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"In Which a Masquerade Ball Unmasks an Undead" - Colleen Gleason - Gleason's vampire hunting debutante tries to persue her attraction to while fighting off vamps at a masquerade ball with a little help and snide remarks from Max.

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