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Many times the dentist can adjust or add to the dentures to prevent some of that slipping and wear on the ridge and the dentures.And the dentist can examine you for deadly oral cancer, and provide a professional cleaning for your dentures.

Many denture wearers, or those with gum disease have lost much of the supporting bone in their jaws.

But if you can master the art of eating with dentures, then eating most anything is again a pleasure.

The biggest problem with eating with dentures is taste.

The primary reason is that RPDs attach to the remaining teeth and other structures, the gum ridge areas where teeth once were, and the palate on which they rely for retention (to keep them in your mouth).

Their attachment to other teeth can cause more bacterial plaque stagnation than usual, which leads to an increased incidence of both gum disease and tooth decay.

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Thinking of temporary or transitional RPDs [Figure 1], as their name implies, as a “stepping stone” will help keep in mind that they are best used as short-term appliances.

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