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I learn that it's better to pierce a capsule with the point of a pair of tweezers than a needle because it makes a slightly larger hole and you can squeeze more out at a time. I'm amazed at the number of people who suddenly tell me how good my complexion is.When I go for lunch with friends I've not seen for months, and who know nothing about my experiment, they all say how young I look. While Sam said he barely noticed the smell at the start, he's become more sensitive to it. Incredibly, it appears the compliments do have some basis in fact: according to my second lot of scans, cod liver oil has significantly improved both my skin tone - that is the evenness of my complexion - and also reduced the fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes.The 31-year-old former child star - who lit up teen films such as She's The Man and What A Girl Wants - was seen with a female friend who was most likely her life coach Joy Stevens.The two were seen leaving the Ralphs grocery store in the Miracle Mile neighborhood of Los Angeles.

I'll take one capsule orally per day and rub the oil of another into my skin.But throughout the day, I become aware of an odd odour emanating from beneath my nostrils, which I can only liken to the oil from a fish fryer and it even impregnates my pillowcases. Some anti-ageing products use derivatives of vitamin A as an ingredient because of the way it promotes cell turnover in skin (acting a bit like a chemical peel), thereby helping to 'erase' lines.But stronger, prescription-strength formulations of Vitamin A sometimes cause redness and dryness for the first few weeks.She adds that taking cod liver oil orally might also boost results if my diet had previously been low in vitamin A, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D. These can work from the inside out to improve hydration and plumpness, protect skin cells and boost elasticity.

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