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This can be done by putting aside the last task, attending to your personal needs and comfort (hunger, sleep, heat), reading any notes already available, and meet your patient with only him/her in your mind.2). Medical Interview A helpful mnemonic to remember when conducting the medical interview is WWQQAAB: W - What/Where W - When Q - Quality Q - Quantity A - Aggrevating/Alleviating factors A - Associated symptoms B - Beleifs(More on this later)7).Introduction Surprisingly, introductions are often skipped by doctors as they tend to attack the presenting complaint on its arrival. Opening Question The first question of the medical interview should be an open question, such as "How are you feeling today? Make No Assumptions It is important not to make any assumptions.A cheating spouse, an abusive husband or a bad relationship that just can't be ended without tons of problems. A place for cheating wives and husbands to discretely set up a secret affair.Have you been thinking about cheating but to afraid to do it in public?

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An introduction should include: name, position (if a medical student, then in what year? ), obtaining the patient's name, and then asking permission to conduct the medical interview (getting the patient's consent to be interviewed).

The medical interview can become a lot of just talking, but it's still important, especially when it comes to taking consent (asking the patient if he/she agrees to have hte interview). Privacy: draw curtains (around a ward) or go to a private consulting roomb).

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