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“It was this lightbulb moment that connected a million things.”Two years ago, Kik started inviting other companies to test their bot presences on its network through what it then called “promoted chats.” In April, Kik launched its new Bot Shop — an in-app storefront where users can connect with new bot services (like a personal shopper from H&M) and games (like Arterra, a post-apocalyptic space adventure).A week later, Facebook announced its own new bot platform and bot store at its annual F8 developers’ conference.We should tell a bot to do these things, and the bot should make it so.But when I recite that spiel to Ted Livingston, Kik’s affable founder, he pushes back — not because he thinks the idea is hype, but because he thinks it’s too narrow.“I think the future is that every interaction will be powered by chat, in the same way that every piece of information is now on the web.

Then, he recalls, his cofounder and CTO Chris Best had an idea: What if apps were chats themselves?The lime-green logo is on an office-park directory, sandwiched incongruously between listings for a driving school and a personal injury lawyer.This low-slung warren of nondescript office buildings is the kind of place you’d rent if you were plotting to take over the world and didn’t want to be noticed.“We look at chat, very simply, as a better way to deliver software,” he says.“So to us, customer service and selling items on the web are interesting applications of chat — but they’re only a small subset of the type of experiences we’ll be able to deliver.”In the bot gospel according to Kik, chat is the new distribution mechanism for all things digital — the portal through which we will access businesses, news, entertainment, games, and personal services, as well as one another.

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