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Once that’s done you should be able to open and edit your MX2004 pages. If you’re accustomed to using tables and HTML attributes in your design, you’ll have a learning curve.

Also, I do remember that at one point (not sure if it was before or after MX2004) some behaviors (like swap image) broke if they were edited in a newer version. Thanks for the article – it’s just exactly what I need as I’m using Dreamweaver 8 right now and have been trying to decide if I should switch to CS4 for the last few days. I’m a long-time DW8 user, just upgraded to Windows 7 64-bit and finding the right-click context menu options in DW I used to use a lot (CSS especially) are now grayed out except the first option; as is the “recent items” option.

Hope this helps, feel free to ask additional questions. Our online e-commerce site is doing well, but I know the html and search engine requirements are changing and I am afraid at some point our site my not display properly or be recognized by all search engines. Gordon, several sites still sell old version of Dreamweaver they have in stock. BTW, according to the Adobe site you can upgrade to Dreamweaver 4 from Dreamweaver MX, 8 or CS3.

That feature alone made CS3 a required update in my book.the only thing I know that might be an issue is the problem mentioned here: https://dwcourse.com/dreamweaver/I originally thought it was a 64-bit issue but seems more widespread (although I’m not sure what the the exact issue might be and how it’s triggered). The only was CSS makes building “standard-based” websites easy is IF you understand CSS. There isn’t a place to really learn it, or at least I haven’t found it! Now in CS4 I have to design a RULE for stuff like that and is very frustrating!) Perhaps I’m just an ignorant fool, but even my boss – supposedly a hardcore Web guru – can’t turn the team into a good way to learn the whole CSS subject.Perhaps some good advice from your part would be availble for us?(just please, don’t say going back to college since that’s not an option here and we would prefer online resources if posible. Select the files for all the files you want to import and click Open.

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With the announcement of Creative Cloud, Adobe has also changed its upgrade pricing policy.

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