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She began renovations on her apartment, she started talking about babies, and she found someone that accepted all of her crazy.

That man was Criss Chros, and tonight she’s going to make an honest man out of him and put a ring on it.

There was really no future with Gavin once he revealed that his shut-in status had less to do with his agoraphobia and more to do with the fact that he was under house arrest for a bevy of white collar crimes (including racketeering, and nobody knows when that is).

Still, he’s Steve Martin, and he only had eyes for Liz.

It was only a matter of time before Liz dated a Black. Because breaking up with him only fueled Steven's theory that she was a racist, it took an accidental shooting to get him out of her life. Even though the relationship was doomed from the outset, Gretchen Thomas nonetheless is probably the most stable person that Liz Lemon has ever dated.

Also, we didn't include Jack Donaghy, because, although they were married for a very short period of time, we wouldn't consider what they had romantic. Now, on to the list: Though their relationship is barely seen on screen, Liz and Griz (also known by their couple name Egrizabeth) clearly have a chemistry that knows no bounds.

An unforgettable book, Leaving Before the Rains Come is a story of sorrow grounded in the tragic grandeur and rueful joy only to be found in Fuller’s Africa.

Over the past seven seasons of 30 Rock, we've watched as Liz Lemon has worked to have it all: the perfect job, a great apartment, a plant/baby, and a man to share all of those things.

A child of the Rhodesian wars and daughter of two deeply complicated parents, Alexandra Fuller is no stranger to pain.

But the disintegration of Fuller’s own marriage leaves her shattered.

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