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"Didier completes another intensive session at the customised target range," he explains.But surely the balls should have cleared those trees?

"Despite a good start, the boys don't want to hedge their bets, so they've launched their own hair products."Tight marking"Unorthodox tactics by Mourinho as he sends 12th man Drogba into the fray to shackle Freddy," muses Dave Elderfield, after stumbling across this newspaper cutting.The Manchunian Candidate"In this film's sinister plot, Chelsea look to add to Manchester United's woes in front of goal by offloading the misfiring Drogba to Old Trafford," cackles Gary Burns."Thus ensuring a second successive title is in the bag."Donkier Drogba"Spending millions on the international market is a lottery, but Jose is smug that the over-priced donkey he bought turned out to be blessed by Lady Luck herself," quips Rich Marsden. Shooting practice Tom Gould provides us with footage from the Chelsea training ground. I also listen to all types of music and am open to all types of people. Looking to meet some people and make some friends so that if a relationship happened it's with my best friend in the world!

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