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In soaps that can mean learning 40-odd pages overnight.

You work with the director to quickly block the scenes and then head right into shooting.

"I booked the part out of Washington, DC, close to where I was living in a Virginia suburb.

It was a giant cattle call at the Kennedy Center that took all day with hundreds of kids auditioning.

But soon after my brother also booked a role on Broadway and he and my mom moved to New York so we could become full-time show-biz kids. There is very little time to rehearse or to work with the other actors and director.

Still, that was no picnic, and definitely put a lot of stress on my parents' marriage." How is television acting different than stage acting? You show up on set having done most of your prep on your own and already knowing your lines.

But the director, Richard Jay Alexander, remembered me through that production, and when he started up a new company out of New York shortly thereafter, he hired both my brother and me. I obviously had no understanding of the importance of getting the role, or how it would change my life.

I loved doing theater, being a part of a cast and all the fun and grown-up responsibility that went with it, so I was very excited. On tour and on Broadway we had a chaperone backstage and a girls' and boys' dressing room.

When I moved to Broadway I knew it was important and that made it easier to leave the family I had formed on the tour behind. Moving to New York initially did create some stress, because I was living with my grandmother away from my parents and brother (who were still living in suburban Virginia).

Theater is something different altogether, as most actors are familiar with from school.

There's a rehearsal process, lots of discussion, and staging goes through several revisions as things settle in and feel different.

Due to the cyclical nature of the business even the most successful actors I know are unemployed almost more than they are working.

During that time, of course, they are actively auditioning, maybe making their own content with friends, writing, and sometimes doing some theater for an alternate creative experience.

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You started acting at the age of 7 years old on Broadway in Les Misérables.

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