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We met back in August of 2006 when I was in Dahab after the terrorist attack (April 24).Too many local souls were psychologically traumatized and left to recover on their own ('thankfully' Dahab has access to sex, drugs and alcohol).Remnants of guilt can be cleansed by Friday prayers and Ramadan fasting (Osama asked his Canadian wife to be patient and visit after the Muslim Holy Month, “So what if he died? Unlike Sheikh Abd Al, Hamid Keshk [a Muslim scholar and a vocal critic of the Egyptian government between 1960s and 1980s, known for his humor] inspired thousands with his Friday sermons. He said to the young boy that he had only a couple of hours to catch a one-way bus to Dahab. At 23, Montaser got married to a Danish woman, 25, so they could get a room in Cairo.You know he used to pack his bag and keep it waiting after his Friday sermons because he knew he would be arrested right after. He finishes his prayer, grabs his bag and hops into the police car that was waiting. Heading into to the unknown, Montaser lied to his parents. After several months, he ran away from “the chemistry” and split up.A plastic bag, full of spiky sea urchins struggling for their life, left the hands of four boys and a man painted in red.I instantly remembered him – Tarek – and he called me by name.And as I watch young Egyptians gather up for Friday prayers, I know that by the evening I will see familiar faces swallowing glucose-based alcohol cocktails chatting up foreign tourists and dancing to foreign electro beats at Dahab’s disco “Rush”.

“This [sex tourism] could be fixed by creating new good jobs depending only on qualified people instead of those young people. He has published a book “Beach Politics: Gender and Sexuality in Dahab”. “The phenomenon that started under the Israeli occupation, when foreign women came to Dahab to establish relationships with the ‘exotic, oriental’ men, continued after Sinai returned to Egyptian sovereignty,” Dr. He concludes that female tourist accounts in Dahab are part of a post-colonial discourse of ‘exotification’ and ‘racialization’. Osama, 28, points out Dahab’s seafront promenade at night, blossoming with tourists of all races, ages, statuses and clothing quantities.Ali moved to Dahab in 1990, watched it transform, and does not mind the change, as long as tourists keep coming in and he is in business.As I sat down at a local coffee shop, I saw flocks of young Egyptians coming together at Masbat’s mosque to listen to Sheikh Mohamed El-Rafai’s Friday sermon.The sea urchin hunt was interrupted for a moment as a lonely lady walked on the dead corals on the horizon.The boys and Tarek (married) asked me, with hope in the corners of their smiles, if I knew the lady. Meanwhile, as we – outsiders – try to pin down the sense of it, 25-year-old Mohamed is married to a Swedish woman (older than him), running a restaurant, learning English, hooking up with young French girls, and going back to his new flat (paid for by his wife).

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The terrorist attack killed 30 and dragged the small resort on to the front pages.

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