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Stillwell described the ore as comprising quartz, calcite, chlorite, and pyrite, with very minor quantities of arsenopyrite, chalcopyrite, sphalerite, galena, tetrahedrite, native bismuth, and gold.The gold occurs both free in the quartz and in the chalcopyrite and pyrite.From south to north they are as follows: is located 8km northwest of Gin Gin in sheared argillaceous sediments of the Biggenden Beds. The main reef of quartz and calcite strikes 220 and dips 50 south-east; it is strongly faulted and apparently cuts out at 15.2 m depth.Trial crushings totalling 44.7 tonnes yielded 674grams of gold; the battery sands assayed at between 9 and 11grams of gold per tonne. Gold occurs together with pyrite in altered (gossanous) and irregularly shaped masses of porphyritic granophyre in Miriam Vale Granodiorite.It is found in quartz some of which is iron-stained.

Some smaller reefs in the area have also been prospected.

The relatively small size of the reefs, combined with their refractory nature, were the major difficulties in development.

Many of my customers have reported good gold finds around the Gladstone water tower near the city centre.

Some areas were reported to contain 23grams of gold per tonne, but assays generally showed less than 5grams of gold per tonne.

Trial crushings in 1935 yielded 200grams of gold from 39.6 tonnes of ore.

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