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We might feel guilty by speaking up or saying no to a family member.Many believe that they should be able to cope with a situation or say yes because they’re a good daughter or son, even though they “feel drained or taken advantage of.” We might wonder if we even deserve to have boundaries in the first place.Consider what you can tolerate and accept and what makes you feel uncomfortable or stressed.

It can be challenging being the only one or one of a few trying to maintain healthy boundaries, she said.Boundaries are essential to healthy relationships and, really, a healthy life. Unfortunately, it’s a skill that many of us don’t learn, according to psychologist and coach Dana Gionta, Ph. We might pick up pointers here and there from experience or through watching others.But for many of us, boundary-building is a relatively new concept and a challenging one.Having healthy boundaries means “knowing and understanding what your limits are,” Dr. Below, she offers insight into building better boundaries and maintaining them.1. You can’t set good boundaries if you’re unsure of where you stand.So identify your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual limits, Gionta said.

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