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Meanwhile, INFJs tend to put out a lot of reassuring, supportive words to those they love, and these words can seem insincere or meaningless to an INTJ—who would much rather get results than a pat on the head.

INTJs primarily use Perspectives to forecast how a system will work, predicting problems before they arise and building elegant solutions long before they’re needed. INFJs, on the other hand, key in on a deep level to the people around them, reading what’s going on behind the scenes .

This can come off as deeply insulting, without the INTJ realizing why.

If you have been in an INFJ/INTJ relationship, you can probably think of many examples of discussions where this happened.

They may have become heated—even though both people were “right” in some sense.

As an INTJ, it seems obvious to me that the “best” way to achieve any goal is to plan out the steps to reach it; the only potential downside is dragging your feet too long in the planning stage.All of the above may sound made in heaven, but every couple has their differences.While each INFJ/INTJ couple is unique, here are some of the differences I see come up most often: .~as an INTJINTP - quiet - can make a bitch face that makes you cry - probably thinks u stupid - says that MBTI is shit - fashionista - has an ENFP friend(“ENFP no!”) - savage - that friend who has ultra weird ideas when drunk - probably most adorable smile on earth - smart - most of the time just rising eyebrows and blinking ENTJ - bossy af - prima ballerina - she is beauty she is grace - she will punch you in da face - always in warm socks - also an actress - knows how to build things - basically good at everything - will shout at you if you do something wrong - probably slept with almost all male friends ENTP - a n n o y i n g AF - never shuts up - meme queen - so loud - not funny jokes - make up queen - at least smart - thinks she’s better than you(and maybe she is) - if you take a sip from her mug u die - has an ENFP slave - kinda selfish - another fashionista - if she laughs the whole room laughs with her - soooo much self confidence wow INFP - THAT SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE - garbage lord - writer buddy - has ton of OC’s AND GAY SHIPS - cannot into decisions - junky food - understands(really) - don’t like loud people - constant lala land - savage without even noticing - 4w5 - has 8 minute long video of herself eating french fries on her phone - impressive self control - cute laugh - cute - the best person to rant with ENFP - can’t stay in one place for a minute - suddenly disappears in a middle of a party - daydreaming a lot - cheerful - likes to drink A LOT - too many friends - nice for everyone ugh - that laugh which sounds like a puppy riding a pink bicycle in a tuxedo - can bring ENTP back to earth ENFJ - mom friend - has too many friends HOW IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE - gonna steal your friends without even noticing - likes fancy drinks and kitschy things - obsessed with doggos - sudden outbursts of anger - hypochondriac - really anxious when driving - doesn’t understand a concept of a personal space ISTJ - another bitch face - can rise one eyebrow HOW U DO DIS?????

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