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This is a basic check that is important because many malicious sites operate with expired certificates.

If this option is not selected, access to those sites is permitted.: When enabled, verifies expiration and revocation status of all certificates between the site certificate and the root Certificate Authority as specified in the certification path of the certificate. Verifying the revocation status is a basic check that is very important because certificates are revoked when they are improperly issued, have been compromised, have a false identity, or violate policies specified by the CA.: Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) is an alternate way to check a certificate's revocation status.

It also introduces some risk that a fraudulent or undesirable variation of a domain may go unblocked.

When enabled, denies access to sites that offer an expired or not yet valid certificate.

bash-3.2$ $ docker-machine create --driver virtualbox default Running pre-create checks...

(default) Default Boot2Docker ISO is out-of-date, downloading the latest release...

Because many certificates do not include CRL or OCSP information, this option can result in a high number of verification failures.

When both CRL and OCSP checking are enabled, the block occurs only if both CRL and OCSP lack a URI.

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Invariants (semantics that remain unchanged) regarding object non-extensibility or non-configurable properties are verified against the target.function extend(sup, base) var Person = function(name) ; var Boy = extend(Person, function(name, age) ); Boy.= 'M'; var Peter = new Boy('Peter', 13); console.log(; // "M" console.log(; // "Peter" console.log(Peter.age); // 13let view = new Proxy(, ); let i1 = view.selected = Element By Id('item-1'); console.log(i1Attribute('aria-selected')); // 'true' let i2 = view.selected = Element By Id('item-2'); console.log(i1Attribute('aria-selected')); // 'false' console.log(i2Attribute('aria-selected')); // 'true'let products = new Proxy(, ); console.log(products.browsers); // ['Internet Explorer', 'Netscape'] products.browsers = 'Firefox'; // pass a string (by mistake) console.log(products.browsers); // ['Firefox'] let products = new Proxy([ , , ], ); console.log(products[0]); // console.log(products['Firefox']); // console.log(products['Chrome']); // undefined console.log(products.browser); // [, ] console.log(products.types); // ['browser', 'mailer'] console.log(products.number); // 3 /* var doc Cookies = ...

If you see this message while trying to activate your license for RStudio Server Pro, Shiny Server Pro, or RStudio Connect this indicates that there's an issue with your server not being able to contact our licensing server.

This is most common if your server is not connected to the Internet, or if it's behind some kind of firewall or proxy.

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Allowing wildcard certificates eases the strict matching burden when a Common Name match is required.

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