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Leader proposes a universal surcharge on social networking Leader proposes a compromise of billion for the last 17 years of use.The market value of that history is valued at trillion.They themselves propose a way to get themselves paid while raising hundreds of billions of dollars in new revenue to fund government programs. American Intelligence Media (AIM) lays it all out in a bombshell new article and video. We now know that the government has stolen our invention, and used it for 17 years FOR FREE. It’s that simple.” In 2013, Williams sold his six steel fabrication companies and retired.AIM explains why the theft of Leader Technologies' social networking invention must be STOPPED NOW! Many of his projects are well known from crash fences at Nascar and Indy tracks to oil, gas and fiber optic transports of all kinds.The government used the freshly-minted IBM Eclipse Foundation A “Tier II” Miller Act Notice allows unpaid subcontractors of subcontractors to federal projects to also get paid.Leader’s shareholders supplied financial resources used to help Mc Kibben and Leader invent social networking in the late 1990’s—while Mark Zuckerberg was just leaving junior high school.For example, patents are being systematically stolen from real inventors. Agricultural lands are being shut down by over regulation.

What the thieves have done is the opposite—they have twisted our designs 180 degrees to complete disrespect for privacy and property.” “Just read their user license agreements. At every turn they are showing disdain for The Bill of Rights.So, Leader's request is very reasonable value-wise. So for example, if the government charged per user per month for a Consumer Use Fee, the total revenue generated from these surcharges would be .00 per user per month (Consumer Use Fee Leader Innovation Surcharge).recently said that 30 apps a month on average are used per person.Bookmark: #miller-act | —Miller Act Notice of Leader Technologies and inventor Michael Mc Kibben filed at the White House on July 23, 2017.They demand full compensation for the federal government's wholesale theft of their social networking inventions thru a broad, “free” distribution to its military-industrial spying and profit-making insiders.

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