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From hiking the Appalachian Trail, or taking a walk through one of many plantations, to it's coastline, Georgia is a host to various numbers of wildlife and gardens.

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Teeming with prostitutes - from lowly street walkers offering a ' threepenny upright' to high-class courtesans retained by dukes - Georgian London was a city built on the sex trade.

In his new book, The Secret History Of Georgian London: How The Wages Of Sin Shaped The Capital, acclaimed historian Dan Cruickshank describes how prostitution influenced the building of London; from the smart new streets of Marylebone to the squalid alleyways around Charing Cross.

Lying on a large reflective pewter platter held aloft above the rowdy drinkers was a beautiful young girl, fresh from the country.

Casting her clothes aside, she assumed her role as a 'posture moll', striking a series of explicit sexual poses before the braying, dissolute crowd.

The scene at the bawdy house was one of lust and depravity.Eventually, she stood absolutely naked, all modesty cast aside, as the punters bid for her deflowering rights in a Hogarthian scene of innocence corrupted.For although Georgian London evokes images of elegant buildings and fine art, it was, in fact, the Sodom of the modern age and scenes like this were commonplace.Georgia was the 4th State to be admitted into Statehood 2/2/1788.With it's warm climate and high production of fruit it's no wonder Georgia adopted the nickname "The Peach State".

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