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The data logged may be used by IDF to solve technical problems with the Site and, in cases of abuse, to conduct any investigate therefrom.IDF may also use web analytics services to understand the type of traffic received by the Site and other of IDF's websites, in order to provide better services and to set benchmarks for IDF's goals.If you elect to delete part or all of your information by selecting the appropriate settings in the Site, such information will not be publicly shown through the Site.If you choose to cancel your membership, or if IDF terminates it, IDF will employ what is commonly referred to as a “soft delete” in its database, which means that data will still be stored physically in IDF's database but marked as “deleted”.This information is used to provide and generate statistics and analytics and to provide IDF with marketing and traffic data regarding the Site and other websites that link back to the Site.IDF does not intend to use these logs to identify legitimate users.

The servers that host the Site maintain access logs with the information that you send.

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Edits, comments, commentaries and other contributions to the Site made or provided by you will be publicly distributed, and except in certain, very limited circumstances, will remain a permanent part of this site.

IDF does not collect more data than such personal data collected by analogous websites.

Personal data collected by IDF is processed for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes, in accordance with applicable laws in Denmark.

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