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But this isn’t just for singles, it also caters to couples looking for great date ideas.You start by posting a date idea or viewing other date ideas and if you’re “intrigued,” you can meet up.Tinder values privacy unlike a few other dating apps: You can only contact each other if you’ve “liked” each other’s profiles.So, if you’re not interested in someone who’s interested in you, they can’t see personal information.

Even though it’s worldwide, it tailors your dating pool to your current location.You can browse profiles, tell people what you’re up to, and even check out people anonymously.While this is considered one of the top apps to meet people in the United States, it’s open to all age ranges, so search carefully.Zoosk makes finding singles easy by linking to personal accounts where singles can chat it up.With the app available in 25 languages and 70 countries, your dating pool is plentiful.

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Each of these get-to-know-me smartphone apps allows you to control who you want to see and where you want to see them.

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