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Sorry but..will be a cold day in hell before I pay anyone to have sex with me.... ), that a widow has (1) just been left a good chunk of $$$ (2) is grieving, and therefore not as likely to *detect* them and, (3) must surely be missing the regular sex they used to get. You might want to clarify what you are looking for in your profile. I wonder how long that will last before I'm asked to cough up the! It grosses me out to think of being with someone I could have given birth to no matter how good he looks in a thong. I resigned, rethought, rejoined and redesigned my profile. There is a myth out there among a certain type of male (absolutely not all! (BTW, a couple of my widowed men friends say they get the same. Perhaps the guys that are reading that are assuming that the one thing you are interested in is sex.If you are looking for menstrual cups, there may be one seller of Lunette in the Philippines, but your best bet is to buy menstrual cups online.The Philippines has begun to liberalize laws on maternity care in the past year. I guess I should consider myself lucky as I'm still getting offers of sex from the young crowd for free!! I was totally *overwhelmed* with this kind of email. )Loucinda, your profile says that you don't care about a man's age, looks or income as long as you are interested in the same thing. *cough*I simply cannot respect a man who would do something like this. He was a wonderful man, but couldn't keep a job due to his "outspokeness" (sp? Anyway, he got around to saying things like wouldn't I want a "boy toy". Gals ~~ when I first came here, I had widowed on my profile.

Contraceptives (birth control) is legal and can be purchased in pharmacies, with some brands being much cheaper than others.

Furthermore, there was practically no usage of contraceptive implants (0%) and vaginal barrier methods (0%).

In the Philippines, there have been many challenges to birth control access, especially from the powerful Filipino Catholic Church.

There are in fact, men out there who are not unacustomed to being supported by women in exchange for sex. If a woman wants sex there is plenty of it out there free.

Perhaps stating that you aren't looking for a purely sexual relationship will help weed out the gigolos. From what I see of the men here in POF and other sights no woman is going to be that desparate!

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