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The lack of data privacy seems to be a double-edged sword for users and government/law enforcement alike.This is incredibly awful, but not particularly surprising.

But there's a lot in the article that doesn't make sense: Other techniques included looking at the users credit card information and whether that card was tied directly to an institution like a police credit union.

The problem is that being clever and hacking around a system for curiosity is governed by a very different set of incentives than being clever and hacking for profit.

Feynmann's safecracking at Los Alomos was done to complain about an absurd system and to play pranks on his colleagues, not to enrich himself.

Uber's disregard for local laws and regulations is well known, so I find it hard to be shocked by this.

But the chutzpah to implement something so blatantly designed to aide in breaking the law is still surprising. It also seems similar to VW's Diesel engine "Defeat Device".

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