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Not all gamers go online to battle dragons and kill aliens, some just like to escape to another place where they can socialize with people they would probably never have the chance to meet in the real world.If that’s you, then we’ve got you covered with a list of the top virtual world MMOs for the social gamer. Players create their own avatar to explore this online virtual world, socializing in many locations that resemble real-life hook up points like cinemas, cafes, nightclubs, and resorts.If you have a thing for the retro pixel-art style, check it out.Play Now Visit the Game Page In the same light as Habbo Hotel, IMVU lets players socialize in rooms – focusing more on smaller player gatherings in 3D environments. 🙂 This week we thought we’d try a different type of post or subject. For some that are not so used to the term, this might sound a bit “out there”.But for most virtual worlds explorers this will make perfect sense.

If we talk about virtual love, does that mean it is not real? virtual love, refers to love that can be real it just develops in a virtual world.

A common phrase for that is, real people with real feelings interacting with each other and forming friendships .

If the people are real and the feelings are real, can you actually find real love in a virtual love?

If sometimes real-world face to face communication can be a bit stressful or demanding, online communication is low-key, more relaxed not to mention the multitude of options you have in spending time or going on adventures together in 3D.

Whether you virtually travel through time in VR or you role-play or simply share life as it is day to day with the good and the bad.

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