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"He was strong, he had a powerful point of view and unwavering principles on issues that mattered to him.Trudeau saw his brave gambit as a gamble on the maturity of Canadians.Justin has encouraged her to leave Montreal where three grandchildren live and move to Ottawa where four await, but she thinks not. To stay healthy, Trudeau swears by a good night’s sleep, tries to walk 40 minutes a day, preferably in a park, and does yoga. Whoo-hoo,” she says with a laugh, “But nobody else is.”In her book, Trudeau talks about the importance of strong friendships for seniors.She lifts weights, but admits she’s not disciplined. Living with bipolar disorder, she’s constantly aware of depression or mania triggers. While her friends are scattered, she tries to call a close friend every day to keep connected.It’s a mix of her own and other women’s experiences along with input from experts and advice on health, finances, dating and friendship. After her son Michel died in an avalanche in 1998, followed two years later by Pierre’s death, she fell into deep depression and was eventually hospitalized.Her previous memoirs, Beyond Reason, 1979, and Consequences, 1982, covered her troubled marriage at 24 Sussex, her involvement with the Rolling Stones and affairs with Jack Nicholson, Ryan O’Neal and an unnamed man later revealed as Senator Edward Kennedy.“I believe it can be a very joyful, positive time but you have to have a good mental attitude,” she says.“I used to think the best time was when I had babies. Now with grandchildren I can give them back to their moms.

As they waited for the meal, her grandson, Xavier, drew a picture of everyone. “My other books were so ego-laden, about me, me, me,” says the author of three memoirs.I know what it was like to be so low, and to have that flame of hopethe one you should always havego out.That June, 1968 election, which Trudeau won with relative ease, was an astonishing campaign, unlike any before or since. Although Margaret has always been a sucker for a romantic comedy, she had more than an average moviegoer's interest in the film.From her mental illness struggles, she learned how vital it is to have a reason to get out of bed.“That’s the real antidote to depression.” Trudeau has found meaning as honorary president of Water Aid Canada, a non-profit that helps bring clean water to poor countries, as well as being a mental health advocate and public speaker“I was a late bloomer on the career front,” says Trudeau, who has worked as a public speaker for about eight years and hopes for 10 more. I feel I’m still in my prime and have a lot to contribute.”When she divorced Pierre, she didn’t walk away with much money, nor did she ask for support when her marriage to real estate developer Fried Kemper ended, she says.

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As for marriage, she enjoys her freedom but is open to romance.

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