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It’s just a super satisfying story about great character. You came home from school and spent the afternoon watching the top music videos.

For Gen Y, MTV also gave us a cast of reality characters from the weird (but weirdly lovable) Jesse Camp to the entitled kids of the TV of my adolescence.

Her image was transgressive, even if her music usually wasn’t.

Which is really, I guess, like a lot of pop stars these days. Gen X says: Yeah, we pretty much claim John Hughes as our exclusive property. He felt like the first filmmaker to take teenagers seriously.

As for the Madonna that was closest to us, she transformed all the time, but we were right there along with her through her various phases: kabbalah crazy lady/, disco leotard queen/”Hung Up.” Gen X says: While I liked her early hits, my fascination really ramped up when she transformed from a basic dance-music standby to the shape-shifting cultural icon.

She had this incredibly savvy marketing instinct that allowed her to play recklessly with the elements of her own identity.

Gen Y says: Everything we needed to know about old school Madonna we learned through the Immaculate Collection and ’80s-themed parties. There are obvious reasons as to why this is, and often we cannot be blamed. We’ve united as a generation and made our dating lives difficult.It told us that somewhere, Cher Horowitz did exist, which made us want cell phones, knee-highs, and white Jeeps so very badly.We may not have understood all the witty references, but the beauty of “Clueless” is how we slowly came to understand the humor as we grew up.

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