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The invocation of human dignity carries immense moral force, and parallels the language of the 1948 UN Declaration of Human Rights.

Illegal speech in Germany, then, is speech that violates the human dignity of an individual or group.

Fittingly, the concept is repeatedly invoked in the regulations of the criminal code that govern the dissemination of illegal content.

According to German law, distributing material that documents “cruel or otherwise inhuman acts of violence” is illegal because it violates human dignity.

Instead, Article One of Germany’s postwar constitution instructs, “Human dignity shall be inviolable.” This notion “means you are not allowed to claim false things about me, because it hurts my dignity,” Beckedahl said.

“You are not allowed to tell anyone in public lies about me, or I can take you to court.”This concept of human dignity originated in West Germany’s 1949 constitution, which was heavily influenced by the occupying Allied nations; under the banner of human dignity, the constitution also explicitly bans or “incitement to hatred,” as well as any public endorsement and invocation of National Socialist ideas and symbols.

Gahmert and Gerhards even took the liberty of adding a section to the script: a fabricated set of “extra,” unspoken terms and conditions for users living in Germany—which they insist Facebook “has obviously written” but keeps from the public.

To say that Facebook has an image problem in Germany, where it has 28 million users, is a staggering understatement.

This time, their goal was to satirize Facebook’s cryptic regulations, which have made the company a target of vehement public criticism in a society historically suspicious of censorship in all forms.By the fall of that year, he was living in a Berlin refugee camp. Modamani, his short hair styled into gelled spikes, snapped a selfie with her; the image became emblematic of the chancellor’s welcoming posture toward Syrian refugees.But after terrorist attacks in Brussels and Berlin in 2016, Modamani’s selfie began popping up on Facebook again, this time doctored to falsely label him as one of the perpetrators of both attacks.To recap, here are the names you should name your children if you want them to find love online: Jacob, Alexander, Charlotte, Emma, Hannah, Max, Marie, Peter, Mark.Here are the names you shouldn't name you children if you want them to be accepted on British dating sites: Kevin, Justin, Marvin, Dennis, Mandy, Celina, Chantal, Jacqueline.__Would you discount someone based on their name?

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The country’s Facebook Law is an attempt to see whether human dignity can survive the internet—and its success or failure could very well determine what it means to be human, and online, for the rest of the world.

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