Getting back into the dating game

So you have made it through the no contact period and have been living it up and taking incredible care of yourself – congratulations!Now you finally get to confront your ex with what he let go of.You need to kick the desperation and your ex needs to have some time and space to start missing you.So the first step to getting back together after a breakup is to institute a bit of radio silence.You want him to believe that getting over what you two had has really been no big deal at all. The best way to get your ex boyfriend back is to make him think getting back together is the last thing on your mind. Believe it or not, that is also how you begin to heal.Because as cathartic as a little isolation may sound, it really just winds up making you feel depressed for longer.

Because I had been waiting for him, I was able to remain confident and interact with him with ease.No, you want that first run-in to seem completely coincidental.Knowing how to win a guy back often involves the ability to be a bit covert.We refer to this as the No Contact Rule 30 to 60 days where you avoid contact with your ex at all costs.It may sound impossible at first, but this time is essential to healing and moving forward.

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In fact, what you really want is for your ex to think you have moved on with ease…

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