Getting married after 3 months dating

While I can't speak authoritatively for couples, I will say that time can be a good thing.Not that you should keep dating to hit some arbitrary number of months or years, but because it is over time that you get to know a person's character.Much of this rise is due to changing perceptions about marriage, particularly about the value of pursuing careers and graduate degrees before consideringmarriage.Today,couples in serious relationships who have plans to marry wait much longer before becoming engaged, and the engagement period is increasing rapidly, too.

But getting to know one another in a variety of situations gave us good indicators about important issues.When my wife and I were dating, we took what should have been a relatively short trip.Then a colossal interstate traffic jam turned a four-hour trip into an eight-hour nightmare. We decided to make the best of it and just enjoyed the opportunity to spend uninterrupted time together.Even more than me saying, “Sure, I like kids,” she was able to see this for herself.While I think there are many benefits to extended periods of friendship before marriage, I also know this isn’t always the way things work.

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Of course, similarities in these areas can be a great beginning, but they are not necessarily a good foundation.

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