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In June 2008, Goddard filed a lawsuit alleging that Great Expectations violated the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act and the Arizona Dating Referral Services Act.Also named in the lawsuit were Sun West Video’s President John R.I know that men were given cheaper rates than women. Contract stated that you did not have normal cancellation period. After signing a very costly membership contract I was photographed, ( I am a professional photographer) and then put on their service. I had been recently widowed when I joined, and I feel they played on my vulnerability at the time.

I feel that I have been robbed and I would like my money back.

The remaining 0,000 will be paid to the state for consumer fraud prevention.

The settlement also requires the company to correct its alleged deceptive business practices, including misrepresenting the makeup of its member database and the status of its members, illegally obtaining consumers' protected credit information and extending the term of its membership agreements beyond that allowed by law.

To file a complaint in person, the Attorney General’s Office has satellite offices throughout the state with volunteers available to help.

Locations and hours of operation are posted on the Attorney General’s Web site, gov.

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