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When I say that I attend a women’s college, I’m usually met with a mixture of palpable confusion and mild disgust. As a senior at Barnard College, I often find myself thrust into the precarious position of Ambassador Speaking On Behalf of Women’s Colleges Everywhere, a position I thoughtfully and respectfully decline.

” The first three questions are easy to answer—“Not that it bears any considerable relevance to my current educational status, but no, yes, no.” The final question, however, is more involved.

If you’re looking for a lesbian enclave or a completely hetero-normative experience, you’re looking in the wrong place.

I haven’t experienced any of the “Legally Blonde”-style chick-drama some people might associate with an all-female space, but I also haven’t had a girl crush on every person I’ve met.

And my sense is that Barnard is not an exception to the rule in this regard—many women’s colleges offer equally impressive resources, initiatives, and opportunities.

Plus, for some reason, our student body president, club leaders, and valedictorian are always women. Top that all off with engaged, engaging, curious, brilliant, and ambitious classmates, and you’ve got a recipe for success that makes those crazy statistics seem like more of a foregone conclusion than a mathematical fluke.

In terms of dating and hooking up, I can only speak anecdotally, based on the experiences of my friends.And I’ll also be honest about the things I don’t always love about my women’s college experience.Statistically speaking, attending a women’s college is like rigging the achievement lottery.Is there a direct correlation between being a seven-year old fan of a highly principled superhero and becoming an adult with a keen sense of loyalty to an accomplished and progressive political candidate? I know of no study conducted to show that there is.But while I have yet to ask a candidate running for office this question, I have asked numerous acquaintances who have been enthusiastically engaged with one or more political campaigns, and nearly all of them can name a superhero who had in childhood helped to instill in them a sense of ethical rightness and dedication to humanity -- the kind of qualities they now look for in political candidates running for public office.

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And this despite that she wears, what New York Times writer Vanessa Friedman dissed, 'a bathing suit'.

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