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Inter/Act is careful to make the distinction between gender and sex, and to say that while someone can identify as both intersex and transgender, they are not interchangeable terms.Wong Gregario believes that there’s still a lot of confusion associated with the term ‘intersex.’ “People, including medical professionals I know, also frequently confuse intersex with transgender,” she says.

Inter/Act is adamantly against non-consensual cosmetic surgeries that are designed to make intersex people fit in more neatly with one of the defined sexes.

Gender testing was introduced at the 1966 European Track and Field Championships and first used at the Olympics during the 1968 Mexico City games.

International Olympic Committee regulations require all athletes to compete under their gender at birth.

Wong Gregorio agrees that misinformation exists, and that it’s because people just aren’t taught about intersex conditions.

“It's something that is barely covered in medical school curriculum, when in many ways I feel like it's something that should be covered in every high school health class across the country,” she says.

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