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Find it near you: To find a listing of leagues in all 50 states, check out the Website

From Java Joints to Steak Houses Hot spot: A grad-school coffee shop The draw: Certain grad-school programs are heavily male-dominant (82 percent of engineering degrees, 78 percent of computer-science degrees, and 58 percent of business degrees are awarded to men).

Hot spot: A Fortune 500 or tech company The draw: How's this for a fab job perk?

Twenty-two percent of people met their spouses or long-term significant others on the job, according to a survey by If you're searching for a new position, consider working for either a Fortune 500 company (75 percent of incoming full-time associates at top banks, many of which are in the Fortune 500, are guys) or a tech company (men make up 75 percent of the technology workforce, according to the National Science Foundation).

Cosmo scouted out the top locations men can be found these days — whether you're looking for a fun fling or a long-term relationship.

Find it near you: There are 236 Apple stores in 42 states. Hot spot: The weight room in the gym The draw: According to many gyms, the majority of people pumping iron are men.

If you prefer a cardio fix, some classes are seeing an increase in male participants: Find it near you: Log on to,, or for gym locations.

Find it near you: The top chains, Outback Steakhouse ( and Lone Star Steakhouse and Saloon (, have outposts across the country.

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Increasingly, public places, such as airports, hotels, and coffee shops are providing free wireless access for customers.

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