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A: With cashless at Bonnaroo, there is no need to load any money onto or “top up” your wristband as you might have experienced at some other events.When you register for the cashless option on your wristband you will securely link your credit or debit card with the wristband.But, as you say, most travel providers surcharge credit-card payments.Debit cards do not carry legal protection, but Visa and Master Card now require issuers of these cards to offer a similar level of protection under the "chargeback" rules. If it is a bona-fide package, covered by an ATOL (for which you pay a £2.50 per-person fee), then the method of payment is immaterial; the first call to recover your cash in the event of the tour operator going bust will be the CAA's Air Travel Trust Fund.So, if your airline or accommodation provider goes bust, you can claim back via the credit-card company.

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So when you pay for something with your wristband, it will be just like swiping your card at a store.

Q: Will I be able to pay for food and drinks with my wristband? Most food vendors on-site will accept cashless as a form of payment.

There is, though, one scenario in which paying with a credit card could prove wise.

Suppose, on a DIY holiday, your airline goes bust before or during your trip. When you reach it and scroll down, it should reveal all 200-plus destinations plus the airlines that fly there.

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