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That can help overcome the mental block, giving renewed energy to make that effort to improve the original relationship. While the topic of infidelity may be ammunition for the Indian moral brigade, it will be hard to believe it did not exist. For instance, many vegetarians vocally admonishing non-vegetarian eaters in India are often the ones eating non-veg food without the knowledge of their families.As per a survey, 76% of Indian women and 61% of Indian men had no issues going extramarital. Whether infidelity existed or not in India, the rapid growth of subscribers on this website does raise questions on the success of the institution of Indian marriage, especially, arranged marriages.All this highlights what most Indians already knew; that traditional Indian society preferred not to talk about marriages openly.This site has just brought out the debate in the open.The Taj Wedding Barometer survey showed 75% of young Indians (aged between 18-35) preferred arranged marriages, with the number being 82% for Indian women. Gleeden is an online dating platform with the tagline “” Dating apps in India target singles. Being a global website, it was available for Indians to register. It has already reached approximately 120,000 users in India.Its Indian subscribers initially grew without any marketing whatsoever, and it is only now that it is looking at advertising.That does not mean the institution itself is a flop, since numerous success stories abound in both arranged and love marriages. Sourajit Aiyer is the author of 2 books in UK and Germany and has written for 38 publications of 13 countries.He has worked in Mumbai, London, Delhi and Dhaka, and has been invited to speak at conferences in India and abroad.

The female profile’s male respondents were mostly in their 40s and shared reasons like boredom, lack of relationship, etc.The perceived success rate of arranged marriages may also be because couples stay quiet and bear it, rather than air dirty laundry in public.Even if one assumes that these 120,000 subscribers have had love marriages, it still questions India’s education and upbringing which moulds peoples’ ability to judge and appreciate another individual.Coincidentally, of Gleeden’s 120,000 Indian subscribers, 75% are men.Hindustan Times had conducted an experiment, where they created two profiles – a 30-year male and a 30-year female.

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