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On May 10 of this year, Facebook made it official: They rolled out an update that lets people see fewer posts and ads in the News Feed that link to low-quality web page experiences.

Facebook refers to "low-quality sites" as those "containing little substantive content, and that is covered in disruptive, shocking or malicious ads."This is a very similar approach to what Facebook has recently done to combat fake news, focusing their updates on halting misinformation and giving more breathing room to quality content.

Under this perspective, although the place produced (around 600–200 BCE) a new ceramic tradition, is also evident that the region was configured by successive generations.

Towards the late Preclassic (around 150 BCE) period, Cuicuilco achieved the features of an urban regional center, with a population estimated at about 20,000 inhabitants, comparable with Teotihuacan at that time (cf. Cuicuilco's development was affected by the eruption of the Xitle volcano, which formed a layer of lava that partially or completely covered the city’s structures, whose extension is inferred to have reached nearly 400 hectares (cf. The inhabitants had round heads affected by direct or oblique tubular cranial deformation, the first being more common. The average life span was 51 years, affected mainly by diseases like osteomyelitis.

From their location, inhabitants had access to natural resources, as they were located approximately 4 km from Lake Xochimilco, and near the Sierra de las Cruces and Ajusco (cf.

Sanders 1981: 173); In addition there were water springs and streams. The economic base was centered on agriculture, probably supplemented by hunting, fishing and gathering; access to wood had to be simple, from nearby forests, and agricultural land in the vicinity of the nuclear portion of the site, buried today under meters of volcanic lava and modern buildings.

It is considered that the Cuicuilco's decline (100 BCE to 1 CE) had a minor recovery in 1–150 CE, due to the presence of representations of fire deities.These pools were fed by runoff from the nearby hills of Zacayuca and Zacaltepetl.The population at the city's peak is estimated at 20,000 people.The features of the site include terraces, various buildings, fortifications, and irrigation ditches and canals.The main known structure is a pyramidal basement built about 800–600 BCE.

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