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Born in 1928, the Pop Art painter looks incredibly youthful and cool. He smiles a lot, and marks a pause to watch you react to something provocative he’s just said.

He’s part of the posterity that American art established earlier, in the 1960s.

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Our conversation begins with digressions about the appearance of women in the U. Katz observes that French women are very elegant, whereas American women look like clichés found in magazines and don’t mind looking exactly like each other. He studied violin, which he dropped to run track, and in his new Queens “suburb” in the 1930s, he met two young artist neighbors who spurred him along the path of art.

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  1. That´s why I have read it over this weekend and tried a summary, which is necessarily bent by my own perspective on this, I hope Hula-Girl will join in a bit and clarify the bits that I tend to overlook.