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Alan Brownsword, the author of “Psychological type: An Introduction” and “It Takes All Types”, called this type Commandant Organizer.Linda Berens, the author of “The Sixteen Personality Types: Descriptions for Self-Discovery” called it Strategist Mobilizer. Niednagel, the author of “Your Best Sport: How to Choose and Play It” and “Brain Typing”, called ENTJ Chief Executive Officer.Unless others can push the ENTJ down from the mountaintop, they must remain “beneath” the ENTJ.So while it’s true that the ENTJ is generally arrogant towards less confident types, they sincerely like and respect those who don’t feel intimidated by them.ENTJ students can be very patient while studying as long as they can see a way to apply this knowledge in the future.On the other hand, they aren’t very good at memorizing useless facts or studying something that doesn’t have a practical application.CONTENTS The Top-Earning Personality Type What ENTJ stands for?Other Names for ENTJ How to Recognize an ENTJ One Special Thing About ENTJ How to Get an ENTJ Like You ENTJ in Love, Dating and Relationships Positive ENTJ Traits / Strengths Negative ENTJ Traits / Weaknesses ENTJ Learning Style ENTJ Decision-Making Style Adjectives to Describe ENTJ Random Facts About ENTJ ENTJ as Leaders Work Setting for ENTJ ENTJ Job List (129 Job Titles) Famous ENTJ People ENTJ Characters The Top-Earning Personality Type ENTJ, one of the two top-earning personality types, is known for being bold and decisive.

These include The Commander, The Chief, The CEO and other similar names.Due to the competitive nature, the ENTJ will pick the most attractive partner, but the relationship can have a future only if that partner is able to meet ENTJ needs by being loyal, supportive, independent and smart.If, for any reason, the partner can’t meet ENTJ’s needs anymore, the ENTJ will end the relationship and move on.Otto Kroeger, the author of “Type Talk”, “Type Talk At Work” and “16 Ways to Love Your Lover” called ENTJs Life’s Natural Leaders.Jaroslaw Jankowski in his book “The 16 Personality Types in a Nutshell” called this type The Director.

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