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In 1996 he developed JDate with partner Alon Carmel, running the company until he left in 2006.In 2012, he established Jfiix, the modern millennial take on Jewish dating.If the latter’s most important metric are number of swipes and number of hookups, Jfiix’s is much more traditional: the number of engagements and weddings, 20 of which have so far come about as a result of Jfiix matches, said Shapira. “The app has only been out there for a couple of years, and millennials tend to get married later, so it’s still early to gauge success based on weddings.Right now, our success is in attracting so many Jewish kids to the app altogether.” Which Shapira sees as a major accomplishment in and of itself, given the casual morés and increasing lack of religious commitment among young people these days – Jews among them.Unlike Tinder, the Jfiix environment is monitored; no nude pictures allowed, and if aggressive or abusive content is detected in a user’s profile (the staff does not monitor content, but “we have technology that can tell us if someone is being abusive,” said Shapira), that user is warned once – with a booting to follow if s/he does not take heed.Because it has a different orientation, the criteria for success in Jfiix is different than it is for Tinder.Johnson in "We: Understanding the Psychology of Romantic Love" wherein damsels in distress seek to be saved by knights in shining armor, and/or "soulmates" believe that the apple of their eyes are the missing parts of them (cf. Such myths would constitute matrices of assumptions that we all agree upon regarding the etiquette of courtship.In our post-post modern information age, all of these assumptions regarding gender roles have been cast aside.

I recently watched the politically scintillating first season of "The Newsroom" and was appalled to find that most of the (egregiously dysfunctional) romantic relationships portrayed on the show are between people who work closely together.

“There are hundreds of thousands of young Jews on Tinder, and some of them look specifically for Jews, while others don’t,” said Shapira.

“But few people would turn to Tinder when they are looking for someone for a lifelong commitment – it’s just not that kind of app.

Thus, it is unwise and often unprofitable to make assumptions regarding which partner leads when dancing, who is supposed to call whom (does anyone even use the telephone anymore???

), who pays for dinner, and who makes sexual advances.

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