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I'll never stop thanking each of you for your prayers, because we recognize the miracle it created.

Jamie Lynn Spears is a complete package-entertainer, who has shown her mettle as an actor, singer and entertainer.

“I haven't stopped thinking about her and your family since I heard the news. Another commented: “We hope everything will be okay and are praying for you all.” A follower said: “Praying for her and your family brit. Love you.” “My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. “I feel like I’ve raised her with a lot of honesty, but I’ve also raised her with a lot of love,” she told People.

“She’s a very happy, content little girl, and there’s nothing more a parent could ask for.

It was first reported that Britney Spears’ niece had been on a hunting trip when the off-road vehicle she was in crashed.

Sister of famous singers, Bryan and Britney Spears, in her merely 25 years of existence, Spears has tasted it all—the meteoric highs and volcanic lows to become a seasoned veteran that she is today.

Jamie Lynn Spears started her career as an actor, making her debut with the Paramount Pictures drama film, ‘Crossroads’.

After indulging in lunch, the entire group hit the park for a family-friendly celebration of classic Disney traditions.

Jamie Lynn shared a few snapshots to her Instagram story, one of which featured Brit-Brit (who changed from a bohemian-inspired blouse and short-shorts into the Spears' family tee), Sean, Lexie and Maddie on the tea cup ride.

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“The details the media are reporting surrounding the incident regarding Jamie Lynn's daughter Maddie are incorrect,” it read.

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