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As far changes of API only major changes is acceptable and short review of new one (if I recall write there is new way to read characters from the console, for example).As far as features goes I want to find (such changes in the allocation of the objects, now JVM can actually creates objects on the stack for optimization purposes, for example, but I don't know the details).

A problem was found in Internet Explorer's version of Java related to our new signed Java applet that could cause the applet to be downloaded twice while looking for images.Note that the setting only disables the windows themselves, if you need to disable private messages completely, you can set that on the server. disclaimer99 Allows you to set some text for a text box disclaimer to be displayed above the connect button.This may be useful for legalese such as "By pressing the Connect button, you agree to..." You can use the multiple params to string together very long disclaimer messages. To skip a line, set the corresponding param to [blank]. disclaimer2= disclaimer3=This is yet another paragraph, with a blank line break just above it.For example, disclaimer=This is my first paragraph. useronsingleclick () Allows you to set a macro to do when a user is single-clicked. So for example, if you want a single-click to automatically do a whois on the nickname, use: useronsingleclick=/whois %n userondoubleclick (/query %n) Allows you to set a macro to do when a user is double-clicked. So for example, if you want a double-click to automatically do a whois on the nickname, use: userondoubleclick=/whois %n The default will open a private message window to the user (if allowed by the other params).useproxyauthentication [true/false] (false) Pops up a window querying the user for proxy authentication information if necessary to use.

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