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Under Rutherford's direction, the International Bible Students Association introduced significant doctrinal changes that resulted in many long-term members leaving the organization.Substantial organizational changes continued as congregations and teaching programs worldwide came under centralized control.He rejected Adventist teachings that the purpose of Christ's return was to destroy the earth explaining his views and his belief that Christ would return invisibly before the battle of Armageddon.

Russell "rejoiced" to find that others had reached the same conclusion on the parousia and decided their application of Adventist time prophecies — which he said he had "so long despised" — merited further examination.

But the charity is still fighting to block a separate statutory inquiry into the Manchester New Moston Congregation, opened at the same time as the one into the WTBTSB.

These came after it emerged that victims of sexual abuse by a former trustee of the charity’s Manchester New Moston congregation had been required to meet and answer questions from their abuser, who had just been released from the prison sentence he was given for abusing them, according to tribunal documents.

In a statement, the commission said: "The charity has now provided a response to the production order by making certain documents available for inspection by the commission and, since the production order was issued, the commission has obtained additional information from the charity and other sources.

"The commission has therefore decided to revoke the production order and the charity has agreed to withdraw its application for judicial review." The WTBTSB confirmed it had supplied the documents and had agreed to withdraw the review.

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