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The whipping wind made the water choppy by the time Massachusetts had made her way past bluffs upon which Rebel gun emplacements once protected the Virginia side of the river.By late evening, the old steamer neared the wide mouth of the Potomac, where it emptied into the Chesapeake Bay, about 55 miles from Washington.“Silas Matthews of Company K departed this life,” he wrote in an entry on Sept. “I really hope this is the last death I shall record in this place.” Like Grosvenor, the other young Connecticut men aboard the Massachusetts had also faced tragedy, death and despair.Private George Champlin’s brother, Andrew, also a private in the 16th Connecticut, had died of disease in December 1862 after long march to Virginia after Antietam. Loomis was so ill at one point during his imprisonment that he wasn't expected to survive.The Federal government's frenzied search for Lincoln's killer was under way, pushing into the shadows of history the shocking event that occurred near the shores of Virginia and Maryland on the night of April 23 and early morning of April 24, 1865.Eleven soldiers from the 16th Connecticut, perhaps the most unfortunate regiment in the Union army, were aboard the Massachusetts. Each of the men, none older than 27, had survived the bloodiest day in American history, Sept. Hill's veteran troops in farmer John Otto’s 40-acre cornfield, 43 Nutmeggers were killed in action and many skedaddled, two fleeing all the way to England.

In May 1864, Rebels intended to destroy the lighthouse on the 40-acre island, fearing it would be used by the Yankees.

He was shot in the thigh at the Battle of Fair Oaks, near Richmond, in 1862 and survived three prison camps after he was captured at Plymouth in April 1864.) Shockingly, the 1,155-ton Massachusetts had knifed into the port side of the Black Diamond, damaging the boiler on the large propeller barge, slashing a hole down to the water line near the wheelhouse and stunning the 20 men aboard her.

In the meantime, the Black Diamond had carried off a chunk of the bow of the Massachusetts, "making a hole large enough to take in five or six men abreast down to within a foot of the water's edge," Nott remembered.

Dozing below deck on the Massachusetts with his comrades, 24-year-old George Hollands recalled being suddenly awakened late that night by an “awful crash.” A newspaper account reported the time was a.m. “We all sprang to our feet, pulled on our coats and ran up on deck to see what the trouble was,” the corporal in the 101st Pennsylvania recalled years after the war.

(A farmer from Mansfield, Pa., Hollands was no stranger to danger.

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