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(India is full of placeholders) They will be developed in the future as is possible.Special thanks to Galle (Paradox Forums) for a ton of advice and his amazing assistance in the modding process.Also, there is a lot of ground (no pun intended) to be covered in converting the entire game to a much earlier time period, so if any one with a strong knowledge in any subject related to cultures, geography, religions, factions, warfare and politics between the years 600s BC and 400s AD feel free to contact me, as I could always use the assistance.But…I thought the CKII engine can’t rewind past 0 (into the negatives) so how do you get years before 0 AD? ) used the AUC system of dating (Anno Urbis Conditae – From the Founding of the City of Rome 0 UAC = 753 BC) which is an alternative method to the BC/AD format and allows for me to navigate the years BC very effectively.

I hope anyone interested will feel free to contact me and if any modders have advice or are willing to share assets with me I would greatly appreciate it if it adds to the quality of my current work.The Cimmerians north of the empire of Assyria have already overrun Phrygia and are constantly raiding Urartu and the nearby kingdom of Lydia.Further southeast you have the Elamites (later Persian interruption) growing in power to threaten Assyria and therefore the stage is set for a long-dominant Empire to potentially crumble from external and/or Internal threats with a very interesting power vacuum possible.Thanks to Fishman786 for integration of the Painterly mod.Thanks to AGOT mod team for the use of several art assets and code examples with integration of ambitions.

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The Assyrians have finally been pushed from Egypt and the Saite Dynasty has established itself, freeing Egypt from a long period of Assyrian dominance.

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