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It means that people are concerned about their fitness.” If anything, the hassle of online dating sites encourages clients to use It’s Just Lunch.

“People who use Internet dating services are thinking about being proactive,” according to Dolan. Then they say, ‘Now, I’m ready to get serious.’ The reasons why people come to us are because these sites take up a lot of time—it’s like having a second full time job—and that they are successful professionals who don’t want their picture put up for the world to see,” says Dolan.

It’s Just Lunch arranges for two people to meet at one of their city’s select locations, with the stipulation that the check will be split (according to Dolan, though, men most often pay the bill). For some people, it’s education.” According to Dolan, with enough dates (sometimes as many as 25 in a year), It’s Just Lunch can usually find a suitable match for someone in their city’s client base. Actually, It’s Just Lunch also sends people out for a drink, but the It’s Just Lunch philosophy is that first-date dinner dates can be boring and awkward and are, in fact, unnecessary.

“The key about matching is that everybody has two or three things they really care about,” he says. “The reason you go out on a first date is to decide if you like a person sufficiently to go out on a second date. After lunch, the possibility of a future meeting is up to the couple on the date.

Dolan, Harvard Law grad (class of 1987) and CEO of It’s Just Lunch, a rapidly expanding dating service for busy professionals.

If the company isn’t already in your post-graduation city of residence, it likely will be—nearly 50 franchises are located in most major cities across the country, with new offices opening in Harvard-grad hot spots Boston and San Francisco this spring.

“Harvard Law is one of those places that you have very mixed emotions about,” he says.

“Andrea had just founded it, and I thought, ‘God, she sounds like someone who’d be perfect for me.’” He continued to think about Mc Ginty, and discuss her with friends, for two years.

“My friends said ‘Dolan, either meet her or shut up! During some time off after a very long stretch of working 100-hour-plus weeks, he decided to finally try to meet her.

“I don’t look at them as competition because they aren’t competition for us.

I think any non-traditional ways of meeting people are good—just like the fact that there’s a lot of gyms is good.

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