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The liquidator's role is to: Except for lodging documents and reports required under the Corporations Act 2001 (Corporations Act), a liquidator is not required to do any work unless there are enough assets to pay their costs.If the company is without sufficient assets, one or more creditors may agree to reimburse a liquidator's costs and expenses of taking action to recover further assets for the benefit of creditors.If a company is in financial difficulty, its shareholders, creditors or the court can put the company into liquidation.

A statement on the website of Greyhound Wicked Travel said the new company started on May 5, 2017."We are in no way a part of the of the now liquidated Wicked Travel," the statement reads."Greyhound Australia are promising that all coach travel previously purchased via Wicked Travel will be honoured and welcome everyone with passes or tickets, aboard our luxury coaches.

The sole director, Byron Bay-based Jason Arthurton has no relationship with the new company Greyhound Wicked Travel Pty Ltd.

Liquidator Laurie Fitzgerald from William Buck Chartered Accountants said he was continuing to review the company's assets and debts, and transactions around the sale of the business to Greyhound."There were a number of people who had purchased vouchers or purchased tours through the Wicked Group and unfortunately none of those vouchers have been honoured post the sale of the group," he said.

A secured creditor is someone who has a 'charge', such as a mortgage, over some or all of the companys assets, to secure a debt owed by the company.

Lenders usually require a charge over company assets when they provide a loan.

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if they succeed in a legal claim against the company) is also a creditor, and is sometimes referred to as a 'contingent' creditor.

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