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It's like a debt agreement, but your debt, income and assets don't have be under a certain limit.There's a chance that you'll end up paying more by signing a PIA than by declaring bankruptcy, so make sure you understand the consequences of each before deciding. There are two ways to become bankrupt: Becoming bankrupt means a registered trustee will take control of most of your finances and try to pay off your debts.When your business runs into financial trouble, take the time to seek advice and support as soon as possible, to understand what options are available. If your business is struggling with debt, it may feel like bankruptcy or closing your business is the only option.Before you do anything, seek advice from a professional.Liquidation involves winding up the company so that it can repay debts (even if it can't pay the full amount).A person who isn't a part of your company will be appointed to take care of the winding up process.

If you operate your business as a sole trader or partnership, you or your partners can become bankrupt as individuals (the business itself doesn't become bankrupt).For example, you may be restricted from running a company, or working in certain trades and professions.Find out more about bankruptcy and what the restrictions are on the AFSA website.In a debt agreement, you can offer to settle your debts by: To make a debt agreement, the majority of your creditors will need to accept it.You must also meet certain conditions to be eligible, including having your income, assets and debt under a certain limit.

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If you operate your business as a company and it has unmanageable debt (known as being insolvent), it cannot continue operating.

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