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Etchingham is still remarkably girlish; with cheekbones to kill for.

She was a 23-year-old hairdresser when she dated Jimi. She cared enough to spend three years in the early Nineties investigating the circumstances surrounding Jimi Hendrix's death.

Roth, a musician, says he only moved out of her Seaford home because he needed more room for his studio equipment. She was involved with him during the last 18 months when he went through a lot of emotional and spiritual changes. There was no one that he told as much to as he told Dannemann. He was not the psychedelic bubblehead guitar player as portrayed.

But in an interview last year Dannemann said their relationship had not worked and she knew "my heart would be for ever with Jimi". He was the most important and revolutionary artist of the 20th century." At her luxury home in the Surrey countryside, Kathy Etchingham, answers her front door accompanied by a huge dog. Some one has phoned that morning accusing her of murdering Dannemann.

While Dannemann's life seemed to freeze on the day Hendrix died, Cathy, a mother of two, had had the sense to let the Sixties go.

Etchingham also cared enough to lead a campaign last year to secure Jimi a historic blue plaque.

And she has put considerable effort in helping to explode the "myths" created by the Dannemann camp.

Both women were girlfriends of the late rock star Jimi Hendrix in the Swinging Sixties.

But the story of Dannemann and Etchingham is more than a lifetime of eye-scratching.

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She has always claimed - despite contrary evidence - that an 18-month relationship and engagement followed.

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