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The only child of her parents' second marriages, Cindy's mother, Marguerite "Smitty" Hensley, kept a tight rein on her daughter while her father lavished her with gifts.She won the title of junior rodeo queen in Arizona at age 14 and, in interviews, describes her father Jim as a real "cowboy" who loved the outdoors and took her camping on long wilderness trips.When Phoenix Children's Hospital suggested raising money for hospital beds by taxing alcohol sales, the Hensley company fought it and is now trying to change the laws so that a tax increase on alcohol is unlikely to pass.The way conservatives tell it, John Mc Cain's story is a straight-line narrative of the admiral's son turned Vietnam war hero and maverick senator who is the Republican's champion for the White House.She was on lookout for an upwardly mobile beau, having just dumped Kerry Mc Cluggage, a boyfriend of three years.

"I completely masked it and completely kept myself somewhat pain-free and [with] the ability to function and do everything he wanted." A friend, Betsey Bayless, noticed nothing wrong with her at the time.But secrets are always being spilled about Cindy Mc Cain. At her father's funeral, when Cindy Mc Cain said in her eulogy that she was "his only child", her disinherited half-sister sitting nearby was dumbfounded.Then there was the period after she had spinal surgery and became addicted to painkillers, hiding it from her husband for years.The profits of the beer business have been put to good use in her husband's career, as the alcohol industry funds him more generously than any other politician in the Senate.Even Cindy Mc Cain's high-profile charitable work for children has to play second fiddle.

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By 1979, the returned war hero Mc Cain had turned up at a Honolulu cocktail party, as a US liaison officer on his way to China with a group of congressmen.

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